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Pook Yarn Advent 2023 - Nim Teasdale

I'm excited to offer this 2023 advent yarn set in collaboration with the wonderful Nim Teasdale.  

Nim has used a Pook advent to design her new pattern, the Plan Bee shawl - inspired by the structure of honeycomb.  Following Nim's lead I have created two beautiful gradient advent sets, inspired by bees!

Each yarn advent that I sell will contain a discount code for 50% off the price of the Plan Bee shawl pattern.

About the yarn...

Every set of gradient mini skeins will be dyed individually, by hand.  

I have chosen to use a really luxurious blend of 60% Superwash Merino, 20% Yak hair and 20% Silk.  It is a fingering weight, plied yarn that is strong, soft and has a lovely sheen.

Each mini skein is 20g / 73m.  The full skein is 100g / 366m.


Choose your bee!

Augochloropsis Sumptuosa

The gradient mini skeins will be jewel coloured to match the body of this beautiful, iridescent bee.  The contrast semi-solid yarn will be golden honey in colour.

To pick this bee, choose option SUMPTUOSA

Giant Tropical Carpenter Bee

This gradient will follow the amazing colours of the wings of this bee.  The dark charcoal black body of the bee is represented in the semi-solid contrast skein.

This is the set of yarn that Nim Teasdale used for her sample shawl.

To pick this bee, choose option CARPENTER

More Information

Please make sure you read through all the information about this pre-order.

Christmas Tree

What you will receive

  • Thirteen 20g mini skeins, each individually gift wrapped and numbered.  These mini skeins are designed to be opened every other day during advent, including Christmas Day.

  • A full size 100g skein of semi-solid contrast yarn, gift wrapped.

  • A discount code for 50% off the price of the Plan Bee shawl pattern.

Ancient Coins

Payment Options

  • The full price of the set is 1100DKK (approx 160USD / 146EUR).

  • A deposit of 250DKK (approx 37USD / 34EUR) is required to reserve your Pook Advent Yarn.

  • Payment needs to made using Paypal.

  • Full payment needs to be made by 1st October 2023.

  • I am happy to arrange payment in instalments at no additional cost.

Delivery Service

Shipping and Delivery

  • Every advent set will be shipped using a fully tracked service.

  • Shipping is available worldwide.

  • The cost of shipping is included in the price of the advent.

  • All advent yarn will be shipped during October and the first week of November 2023.

Last two sets now available!

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