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Frequently asked questions

Where do you source your undyed yarn from?

I buy all my undyed yarn from Chester Wool Company.  They produce the highest quality yarns available.

To find out more about the yarns that I use, visit Chester Wool Company's online shop -

Why is there a knot in my yarn?

Many of the yarn cakes that I offer for sale are larger than a standard 100g hank of yarn.  These ´jumbo´ cakes of yarn are perfect for larger shawl or garment patterns, allowing the gradient to seamlessly continue over an increased yardage.

To make a jumbo gradient cake, I have to join two or more standard hanks of yarn, end to end.  I do this with a simple knot.  When you reach this knot while working on your project, simply cut it out and then use your preferred joining method to continue your project.

What needle/hook size should I use?

I do not give needle and hook size recommendations for the yarns that I sell.  Use the needle or hook that gives you the texture, drape and fabric that works for your project.

Shipping Rates

International shipping rates are 100 danish krone for packages under 250g.  Larger packages cost 150 danish krone.

At checkout you can choose to upgrade to fully tracked international shipping.  This service costs 140 danish krone.

Custom Orders

I love to make custom gradient yarn.  If you need a specific yardage, a yarn base that isn't available in my shop or if you have an idea for a custom colour.... please get in touch! I will work with you to create your perfect gradient yarn.

Thanks for getting in touch!

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